Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Evening at GUH

Luke had a good day today. Thank you for your prayers. His BP and heart rate stayed stable, and the new liver is making progress. I'm believing that he's going to have a good night and that I will get some sleep in my new found recliner!

This afternoon Luke had his first picture taken with Santa. Although Luke was sedated and didn't get to sit on Santa's lap for the picture, I'm convinced now that Santa is real and he comes by when you're sleeping... but you must be good! Much thanks for Fairfax Police Officers for organizing that event.

Michael was discharged from the hospital this afternoon!! Jen was giving him a hard time about his new look :) Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to lift him up as he recovers at home.

They up the sedation on Lukey, so I haven't been able to make eye contact with my trooper today. I can't wait to hold him soon. I trust in the Lord for his healing --Lukey is cancer free, I believe that in Jesus name. I pray for those children that were succumbed to this monster and let peace be still for the parents as they cope with the loss of the baby during this season.

God Bless you and your family.
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