Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

I have been waiting eagerly for the cherry tree outside my bedroom window to blossom. It was just beautiful this year! That was to be my landmark of when things would start to get better and we could start new and fresh. Things have gotten so much better. Lukey is doing great. He is eating with a healthy little appetite. We are still working on the drinking though. I got this stuff called Thick-It that thickens liquids and food for people with swallowing disorders or people who are kinda learning it all over again. I can't say that it works yet, but I'll let you know how it goes. His MRI came back clear...THANK GOD!!! The only thing they are following closely is the AFP. It had come down to 40, so they want to see if it continues to come down or if it will keep fluctuating. We are also starting him on a new oral medicine instead of the once a month infusions he gets, so hopefully he will get the central line removed soon. I would love for him to get that out before the babies come.
This beautiful weather really lifts my spirits. Yesterday we took Lukey and Levi out for a walk. Levi rode his bike and Lukey rode in his little red car. He was really enjoying it. I stayed outside for about 2 hours and my back was killing me. Here's to another day of ignoring Dr's orders! HEHEE. She wasn't absolutely specific about that. Lukeys appointments have become fewer as well, which is great. He is now about every two weeks with the oncologist and every four weeks for transplant. It's really nice not to have to drive to Georgetown so much...I'm beginning to despise the place. One day we'll go for fun and maybe I'll change my mind. Lukeys hair is really growing in now and he is crawling and pulling up on his own. He seems to be catching up pretty quickly.
The twins seem to be doing really well. I had that one trip to the hospital because contractions were two minutes apart. They started an IV and hydrated me and they eventually stopped. I got to go home about 3-4 hours after I got there. I have been drinking so much water now to keep that from happening's difficult with a bladder the size of a kiwi. She told me no more picking up Lukey and to stay off my feet as much as possible. I felt like inviting her over for a day to see what it was that she was asking me to do. Hmmm...don't pick-up my baby who needs special attention. So when he crys and hold his arms up at me..I should just walk away? I understand her reasoning...she did not understand mine. Typical. We are very blessed to have Ben's aunt with us who does a great job with Lukey. I'm just a tad overly protective of him and just can't help myself. I usually sit on the floor now and let him come to me, so I can hold him. Auntie Mercy will come and put him on my lap so I can put him down for naps. It's still not the same, but I'm not ready for these little guys to come out yet. Physically I'm ready....get em' out!!! I'm not ready in any other way! Fraternal twins...I wonder what they will look like...for all of you who are still curious about our L names...we decided to go with Jacob and Joshua. We can call them Josh and Jake...which I will change to Joshy and Jakey and they will hate me for it later on.
I have some pictures to post, but my camera is downstairs and I don't feel like trudging up and down right now :) I have some BIG belly pics too. I have had some unwanted rubbing on the belly lately. Twice at Levi's dentist appointment and once in the grocery store. I don't want to have to resort to violence, but it might get ugly if it doesn't stop. I'll post the pics soon and keep you updated on the AFP levels. I have been a bad girl about updating lately and I blame it entirely on Facebook. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and as always we thank you all for your continued prayers and support.