Friday, December 5, 2008

Out of Surgery

Lukey is out of surgery. The surgeon came out and spoke to us about the surgery. He thought that it went very well. He said it was the best decision to do the transplant because the tumor was a really bad one. It had spread to the vena cava, so part of that had to be removed. Dr. Fishbein said he got really good margins and that he tested the lymph nodes for cancer cells..there were none. He said they got all the cancer. Due to some creativity in attaching the new liver, Lukey will have to remain sedated on the ventilator for at least two days. They don't want the liver moving around. Once it has had a chance to adhere and other organs have come in around it they will take him off the ventilator and slowly start waking him up. We have not seen Michael or Lukey yet. We are still waiting. They are both in their rooms, but still getting situated with the machines and hook-ups. I will update later on tonite in more detail. We thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words. Lukey is cancer free and we Praise God for it!! Love to you all.
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