Saturday, December 6, 2008

Transplant Update

Sorry I didn't get a chance to update last night. I had a very hard time last night after seeing Lukey. When we were finally able to see him, I just burst into tears. The ICU is a very busy and stressful place to be in...and loud. When we went into the room there were nurses and a doctor and respiratory therapists in there. So many machines...all beeping and alarms going off and my little baby just laying there hooked up to so much stuff. I could not handle it. I thought I was going to pass out. Just thinking about it right now makes my heart start to race. I had to sit down and try to breathe better. Needless to say, I came home last night. I was going to go rest at the Ronald McDonald House, but Ben said I should just go rest at home with Levi and he would stay with Lukey and call me if there was anything. I felt like a deserter. I had gone down to see my brother and he was in a lot of pain and feeling very nauseous. I felt so out of control and helpless, I just could not handle it. The Dr. said that everything was going well. The first few hours after a transplant they have to watch very closely and try to balance the fluids in his body and watch what is coming out of the liver to make sure there is no bleeding. I have been fighting a nasty cold paired with evening nausea and too much stress. I came home and slept. This morning Ben called and said that they have to take Lukey back to surgery. One of the vessels isn't allowing blood flow, so they have to go back in and see why that is happening and fix it. It's not rare for this to happen I guess, they said it is common. I just spoke with my brother on the phone and he is feeling better than yesterday. That gave me some relief. Let's just take Lukey to the Lord in prayer and pray that the vessels will all work and allow blood flow. Let's pray for his body to accept the liver and for a quick recovery. Pray for a quick recovery for Michael. Pray for Ben and John and Dileep who are constantly posted at the hospital watching and waiting. And please pray that God gives me strength to get through this. I need to be strong for my baby. I'll update after I know more about Lukey's surgery today.
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