Friday, December 26, 2008

Fernando Family Christmas

Our Christmas Miracle!

The Fernando Family celebrated the birth of Christ at Georgetown Hospital this year. We actually had a very nice Christmas. We had our little tree and most importantly we were all together. Ben did the presents and stockings in the morning with Levi and then came to the hospital in time for Santa's arrival.

Like Ben said in his post, we had Subway for lunch. Very festive!! The good thing is we can't say we over ate this Christmas. For dinner, our wonderful friends brought us food and sparking cider and yummy chocolate cake. We had a great day. Santa brought lots of gifts and then several others stopped by with presents. Levi and Lukey got more presents this year than we know what to do with. So many generous hearts reaching out to the children and families in the's wonderful.
The boys in uniform came and delivered gifts.

Later in the evening though the day got interesting. I was looking at Bens sweatshirt wondering what was on it. It was a big stain looking thing. Then I looked down at Lukey and the whole front of his pj's were bloody. Well, you can imagine my reaction. We thought that the clamp on his line had been rubbing on his incision and it came open, but once they got it cleaned up they noticed that there was still blood coming from somewhere. His central line had a hole in it and his blood was dripping out. The nurses paged surgery and one of the Dr's came up. They were able to repair the line by cutting off the bad part and gluing on a whole new bottom. We were very thankful that it did not need to be removed and a new one put in. But since you can't use the line for 6 hours until the glue dries they were going to have to start another IV on him. It was very late by this time and I headed home with Levi. I talked to Ben on the phone and he said they were unable to start an IV on either foot. My poor baby...going through unnecessary pain. They gave up and decided to wait until the glue dried. Lukey slept pretty well last night which means Ben got some sleep. I'm getting ready to head to the hospital with Levi, so I'll update again in a day or so. God Bless you all, I hope your Christmas was wonderful.
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