Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some pictures to go with the other update

Well I had planned on giving an update last night, but I fell asleep. My husband picked up the slack for me and gave a wonderful update. I was so excited yesterday that they took Lukey off the ventilator. It was the first time I heard him cry in 12 days...and it was music to my ears. Ben definitely needs a night at home to sleep in his own bed. I hope they move Lukey out of the ICU soon. I hope he can come home for Christmas. I'm going to post some pictures since most of the updating has been done. Today Levi gets to go see his baby brother...and he is soooo excited.

Uncle Michael, my cousin Veronica and her husband Ben all came for a visit.

Lukey still sleeping...he wakes up for short spurts and then goes back to sleep.

Here's one of his wakeful moments...I could not get him to smile though. He just stared at me. The nurse kept putting his blankie on top of his head for some reason. (The nurse from the previous blog entry.)

After they took the tube out he was very agitated. His cry was weak, but beautiful. They had to clean all the tape stuff off his face too...he was just mad.

No tube...and all tuckered out from the whole ordeal. See there's that blankie again. I love that I can finally kiss his kissable cheeks. I'm still waiting to be able to hold him.
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