Saturday, December 6, 2008

Latest Update

I just spoke with Ben and he gave me the update. What the surgeon thinks happened is that the liver was settling into position, and during that process one of the vessels formed a clot in it. The blood flow had actually started to improve before he went for surgery, but Dr. Fishbein wanted to be absolutely sure about it so they went ahead with the surgery. He was in for about two hours and it looks like everything is going well now. They will do another blood test in about an hour which gives them some information they need. Dr. Fishbein said the liver has really settled in now, so they could see how everything is working in that position.
Ben told me that Luke woke up this morning and looked at him. He said he lifted his arm up, and then started to try to pull out the tubes and things. They had to sedate him again. My baby just wants to wake up and be unhooked. I got a status report on Michael too. He is having a lot of dizziness so they are going to try a different medicine to get it under control. Ben sounded very tired on the phone. He will call me when they have the results of the blood tests. Levi is really missing his daddy, so I think we will drive out to Georgetown this evening and drop off some food and my brother was wanting his phone and Ipod. Thank you for all your prayers. We appreciate them so much.
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