Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beach Bound

Well we are headed to the beach. What's that? Why yes, it is the week before school, t-ball and golf starts. Well ya know, only a man would plan a vacation during one of the busiest weeks of my summer! I am determined to block out all the open houses and parent meetings I will be missing, and just enjoy my time lounging on the beach. Wait! Did I say lounging on the beach? Hahaa NO..I have been reading a novel where people actually get to do that, and I must have still been in the fantasy. I will be chasing 4 boys around, making sure two don't get sucked out into the ocean and cleaning sand out of places I didn't know existed, several times a day. If I can avoid a sunburn, I am doing good!

Ahhhh...the beach! My idea of a grand vacation is quite different. I'm more of a cabin in the woods kinda girl. If it's snowed in, that's even better. A fire, comfort food, and a good book are all very appealing to me. A very close friend of mine had recently introduced me to books by Grace Livingston Hill. I was instantly addicted! I have read all the ones that are free on Ibook and Kindle, and am now in withdrawls. If you have any kind of a romantic notion in you, you will love them. They are of course Christian as well, so they are clean :) I'm glad I got all that reading out of the way before heading to the beach..this way I'm not disappointed. The boys are all so excited to go to the beach that I can't help but be excited as well. It's about making memories together, and sharing moments. Besides, I like to go cold turkey on the first day of school anyways! It gives us all a little JOLT!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Great Honor

I'm very excited about Pediatric Cancer Awareness month that is approaching. The month of September is "wear your gold" month! I am so honored to have been asked to speak at the Joan Hisaoka Gala being held in Washington, DC next month. I feel very blessed to be able to represent the Life With Cancer center and help raise funds for all the programs they offer.  I am going to post the video that they will be showing. It's a video we made last Fall, and I choke up every time I watch it. It makes me think..hmmm..I never really knew all what Levi was feeling and going through when Lukey was sick.  Afterwards, I get to share a little of our journey through cancer.

September is a good time to make donations to organizations raising money for Pediatric Cancer. CureSearch, American Childhood Cancer Organization, and Candlelighters are all great organizations. If you have several hundred laying about and you're not sure what to do with it, well buy some tickets to the upcoming gala and raise some funds for all the great programs they offer.
Joan Hisaoka Gala 
The Life With Cancer center did so many wonderful things for my family. Levi had a place to go where he could relate to other kids and what they were going through. He called it "his other school". I'm very thankful to them for that, and for making a huge impact on him. According to him, they always had Awesome pizza!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A New Season

This post is dedicated to Missy! My faithful reader and friend who keeps reminding me to post! Well it has been awhile since I have posted. I think I have been trying to maintain some illusion of normalcy..although normal is completely overrated. What is normal anyways? I think it's different for everyone. Our normal is constantly changing anyways. School is getting ready to start again! Wow..I am so excited about that. This has been a great summer with lots of memories made, but the noise and bickering and boys tussling in the other room will not be missed. Levi is entering 4th grade, which is crazy to me! When did he get that old? Luke is starting Kindergarten, and the twins will start their last year of preschool. Once all those buses have pulled away carrying my precious cargo, I will be sad and think, well all that noise wasn't so bad. Fear will start up again in the afternoon, so I will sit and enjoy my cup of decaf Earl Grey without having to reheat it 2-3 times.

I'll just update you on the status of the boys health. We had quite a lot of appointments this summer, trying to get things done before school starts. Luke had his complete blood workup done and an ultrasound of the liver. Everything looks great!! Thank you Jesus! The twins had a protein assay done that we have not gotten the results back yet and a full blood workup from an immunoligical standpoint. Their immune systems are holding. They have a low IgA..but it is still about the same as last year. They are doing very well at writing despite what I was told last year, they can almost write their names entirely by themselves! Thank you Jesus! We did find out that Luke is not a carrier of the gene, but Levi is. Our God is a healer though, that I know for a FACT!!

I am finally bringing a dream into reality. I have had a project I have been working on for the last year. Well, with a great partnership with my friend Missy, I am looking to have the first of a series published. I can't wait to share with you what it is all about. We have several more in the queue, that are works in progress. The idea first came to me when I was on a tour of the Loudoun County Landfill with Levi's cub scout den. I know you are chomping at the bit to find out..but you will have to wait :) Missy is extraordinarily talented and is bringing it all to life! I have been praying God's favor on this project and I believe it will be Awesome!! More news on this..I promise!