Monday, October 27, 2008

Life's Little Surprises

I know it's been awhile since my last update, and I don't want Ben getting too comfortable posting on my blog :o) We were in the hospital for 3 days and came home last Friday. Luke had three days of chemo. Cisplatin on day 1, Doxirubicen on days 2 and 3. Very intense series of chemo. He did absolutely great. My boy is so strong and so blessed. He has had NO vomiting or other visible side effects. I have to give him a shot of Neupogen everyday to keep him from crashing like he did last time. Now they are making me give the shot like a shot instead of in a catheter. I actually have to stick it in his flesh. I HATE IT! He still loves me even after I have to hurt him a little. We went to the Dr. this morning and Luke's counts look really good. We now wait for 2 weeks and then he will have another CT, Ultrasound, and Echo. I believe with everything in me that Luke will be fine. There will be no transplant.

It can be very hard to deal with all these emotions and changes in our lives. I often think that I can't handle any more than I already have on my plate. After all, God said he would not put more on us than we could bear...right? I think God has seriously overestimated me. Friday night I found out that I'm pregnant. Evidently you can get pregnant on "The Pill". Fear gripped my heart and I had a serious breakdown. God, what are you doing to me? Can I handle this? It was an overwhelming feeling of fear and inadequacy. Afterwards, I came to peace with it. A baby is always a miracle and I know God will give us the strength to get through this also. We are now looking forward to a healthy baby sometime this summer.
We have been so blessed by so many people. So many have brought us meals and toys for the boys. I hope that one day I can repay the kindness we have received from so many. Thank you so much to our Pastor and Sis. Mitchell for their constant prayers and our church who prays continually for Luke's healing. We are all going to witness a miracle. Thank you to Moby and Rengas for your selfless giving of your time. Moby is our angel. Thank you Jesus for being so faithful. You are EVERYTHING to us!

Moby and Lukey at the hospital.

Moby giving Levi his breathing treatments.

Rengas visits for the weekend!

Sweet Angel
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