Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Little Fall Fun

On Saturday we joined our friends Rob and Sandra for a little fun at the Fairfax Fall Fest. What we got was long lines in the sun, a train that kept trying to run us over, $5 cups of lemonade, and an assortment of bug bites. It was all worth it to spend time with friends, which was also made better by a trip to Tony's NY pizza. It was a beautiful day to be outside with the kids, and since Sandra and I found a nice shady, grassy place to rest while the guys stood in line in the sun with Bella and Levi, it was all good. Truly enjoyed the pizza, the salad, and the cannoli...sounds like a lot huh? Yeah..but it was yummy! Tomorrow we go in for more chemo, but Lukey has been doing great. Levi may be coming down with something. He was running a slight fever earlier..please pray for Levi's health. All our health could be affected by one person getting sick. We all need to stay healthy!!
I will let you all know how the appointment went. We should get another AFP tomorrow, because they took the blood for it at the last appointment. I hope everyone had a restful weekend and have a great week. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We are so blessed!
Levi and sweet!
Rob, Bella, and Levi. Time out for kettle corn!
Gigi enjoying the grass. Such a cutie!
Anne and Dianna...oops I mean Sandra and me enjoying the pizza!
Levi checking out the firetruck. He thought it was pretty cool!

Lukey kept taking off his shoes and throwing them on the ground.

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