Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Busy Week

We have had such a busy week so far, and it's not over yet. Monday we had to go to Children's DC for Luke's GFR (kidney) scan. What a nightmare. Getting to the hospital was a challenge. We took a wrong turn on a round about and the GPS led us back through an area that was a little scary to me. I won't even get into the parking. Luke's scan was done in Nuclear Medicine and the tech had told me that because I am pregnant I could not hold him because he was going to be radioactive for a time. Torture. After the three hour test there, we had to go to the clinic for his blood counts and check-up. I asked the nurse at the clinic about not holding Luke and she checked with two of the oncologists who called down to DC and they told me yes I could hold him and love on him, but I need to wear gloves when changing his diaper. It's the same thing with the chemo. I took him from Ben and kissed all over his little face. Lukey's counts looked good, so I can stop giving him the shots..yay!! Tuesday I had to take Luke to Fairfax for another hearing test..the hearing has stayed the same, which is good. Today is our one day of no Dr appts. Levi is in school, Lukey is sleeping, and I have a moment to fill you in on whats going on before I finish folding the laundry. Tomorrow will be a rough day. Lukey has a ct scan in the morning under anesthesia. He cannot have anything to drink or eat after midnight tonight except the contrast. We are looking forward to a very rough night. He eats every three hours usually. After the ct scan he has a ECHO scheduled to check his heart. Friday we go to the pediatrician for a shot to protect him from RSV throughout the winter. He may also get a flu shot as well. So there you have it...we are on the go. Friday we should get the results of the CT scan. All decisions will be made from there. I trust the Lord with Luke. It is completely out of my hands.
Lukey and Levi-Best Friends

I will be going away for a night. "Mom's Weekend Off" is on Saturday and Sunday. It is a weekend for moms of children with cancer. I struggled with whether or not I should go, especially because I am still breastfeeding, but we will make it work. Ben wants me to go and it is just one night. It's at Camp Friendship which is a horse ranch in Maryland. They say prepare to be pampered. I may just sleep the whole time :o) I will desperately miss my little guys, but I do need to take a little time for myself. I'm excited and hesitant.
Me and My Boys
Meanwhile, Lukey is trying to get around the only way he knows how, by rolling. It's hard for him to crawl because he has the line and tube hanging from his chest to his belly button. So he rolls. He rolls over and over and over until he gets where he wants to go. Levi calls him roly poly. He might be a little delayed in some of his development because of this, but he'll catch up pretty quick. He says mama!!! Not dada! He's just precious. Levi is so good with him too.
Ben, Lukey, and Neil Armstrong

A little bit of yard work

Remember how fun this used to be?

Please remember us tomorrow in your prayers. We believe that the tumor has moved away from the vessel. Thank you so much for everything. Love to you all!

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