Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chemotherapy Day 10 Update

On Monday Luke had his Vincristine treatment. We were in and out of there in two hours....unheard of. All his blood counts look good and his liver enzymes went back into the normal range. His AFP was 1190 a week ago. On Monday it was 1004...not bad for a week. After his last treatment next Monday, he will have another CT scan (Oh Boy), another hearing test, and another kidney function test. They will re-evaluate for surgery at this time. I really believe they will be able to get it out this time. In Jesus Name! Luke has been doing so well..up until about 3:oo this morning. He threw up his entire bottle and then threw-up again at the next feeding. He kept his last bottle down and I will feed him again in a few minutes. Please pray that he doesn't get dehydrated. His spirits are up though and that makes it much easier.
Levi went to the dentist this morning. I am so serious when I say I want to go to a pediatric dentist. They are decked out with kid pleasing attractions. I had fun playing air hockey with Levi while I sipped a delicious coffee from the coffee bar. Levi got to pick a movie and then he wanted them to turn on the overhead trains. Afterwards , he picked out some toys (cars of course), and got a bouncy ball from the machine. Oh yeah..he got his teeth cleaned also. No cavities!! He's only had teeth for about 3 1/2 years so he shouldn't have any cavities. He was such a big boy! Last night Levi would not eat his dinner so I had to call santa (aka Uncle Michael). He ate everything after his talk with santa. He really wants a football helmet. He said his favorite football team is the Stonebridge Bulldogs, the high school by our house. He has become such a little boy...where does the time go?
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