Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chemotherapy Day 3 Update

I'm late to update again due to an unexpected trip to the ER, being totally exhausted, and... um life. On Monday we went to the clinic to get Luke's Day 3 chemo treatments. He received two injections of chemo, an injection of anti-nausea medicine, and an hour long infusion of antibiotics. We were there for quite a while. I sometimes wonder how his little body can handle all these medicines. He is doing great though. At the Dr. office we were able to look at the CT scan and compare it to the first one. The tumor has shrunk quite a bit. We also got the latest AFP...drum roll please.....1190!! Can you believe it? The last one was 33,000. To recap the AFP numbers...we started out at 400,000 at diagnosis, then to 190,000, the last one was 33,000 and then this last one 1,190 before starting the third round. The chemo is really working to kill the tumor cells. Normal range is 10 or below, but we are getting there! Back to the trip to the ER. Tuesday afternoon I went to flush Luke's line as usual and it would not flush. That usually means there is a clot in his line. We had to drive to Fairfax Hospital ER to be seen. The nurse tried to flush his line and could not and did not want to push the clot into his blood stream. Then another nurse who is familiar with central lines came in and tried a smaller syringe. It flushed beautifully. She said sometimes the pressure is too much and it won't flush. We thanked God that it wasn't anything serious.
He looks so little in this bed. Such a happy little guy.
The only pictures I can get of both of us, I have to take myself :)

PRAISE REPORT! In the last post I requested prayer for Luke for the nausea and vomiting and his appetite and I have to say THANK YOU JESUS! He has had no vomiting other than the one time in the hospital (which was probably from smelling the hospital food) and he is still eating very well! Thank you to all you who are praying for him. This makes me certain that God is protecting his kidneys and hearing also...Thank you so much. Now I ask all you prayer warriors to pray that the tumor moves away from the portal vessel, so the surgeons can get good margins for resection. We won't need to go back for more chemo until Monday. I hope everyone is enjoying this Fall weather. I'll update again soon..never a dull moment. Thank you for your continued prayers and words of encouragment, it means so much to us.
He just loves to sit up and play with toys. Just like Levi.

He was looking at himself in the mirror for a loooong time. It was so funny.

At the Dr's office. It's hard to keep a baby entertained for 4-5 hours.

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