Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chemotherapy Round 3

We are in the hospital. Luke had his Cisplatin yesterday and we are just finishing out the 20 hours of post chemo hydration. He has 12 minutes left then he has to have a blood transfusion, then we can go home. It may be very late by the time we get home, but believe me it is way better than staying in the hospital. Luke and I got hardly any sleep last night. The rooms are much nicer this time around. The department has moved into its new floor in the children's wing. The rooms are equipped with a flat screen TV, a Sony PlayStation, and a Nintendo Wii. My only complaint is all the windows. At night, with all the lights off, it is still bright enough to read a fine print book. No peace. Luke has done very well. He threw-up earlier, but he is still eating. I lied about my only complaint being the windows, because I just thought of another. The food. So probably makes peoples recovery time longer. My wonderful husband brought me some dosa today. Yum-o. Four minutes left.
The dogs got groomed today, so I can't wait to go home and give them some loves. They were a little smelly. I love the idea of groomers coming to your house. Pets really have it good. Sometimes I think I would rather see a veterinarian than a doctor. No waiting time, called by your first name, you get scratched and talked nice to, after all is said and get a treat. Yup, they really have it good. I am seriously sleep deprived. Well...they are three minutes late in taking him off the IV. This would not happen if we were at the vets :) I will update tomorrow after his next two chemo treatments. Prayer request: no nausea and vomiting, protection for his hearing and kidneys, continue to eat well, and strength for the day. Love to you all.
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