Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend and week at home. Luke is doing great. To all of you praying for Luke's appetite to increase...thanks!! That is definitely an answered prayer. I can barely keep up with him now. When Luke was first diagnosed my milk supply dwindled to half of what it was. I could not eat and he was not eating, so I stopped pumping as much. Now he is eating every three hours again and I am trying to bring my supply back up. Good thing I have a freezer full of frozen milk, or I'd be in trouble.

Ben spent some good time with Levi this weekend. They went to a high school football game, because Levi loves the marching band. They also went to a cricket match. We went for lots of walks with Luke and enjoyed some fresh air. Wednesday we go back to the Dr. for the last chemotherapy in this round. I am hoping that they have made the ct appointment already, so we have a date set.

Luke is so brave and sweet. He melts my heart with his smile and laughter. Levi keeps him laughing when he wants to cry. I love my boys. We are definitely growing stronger as a family. We don't take anything for granted. When Levi asks me to play cars for the 10th time in a day or watch him ride his bike or play tag...I do it!! If I'm really tired (always), I do it...because life is just too short and they grow so fast. Luke wants to be held ALL the time now. We just hold him, because I can't imagine what he is feeling. I want him to feel secure and comforted and loved. I hold him until my arms are fatigued, and then hold him some more. I wonder if it's how the Lord feels about us. He just wants to hold us close and let us know He loves us. God is so good. I wish you all a great week. I'll update after our appointment on Wednesday.
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