Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finished Round 2-Hooray for Luke!

We are finished with round two and had all the tests done this week. Thursday he had a kidney scan and a hearing test. We will find out the results of the kidney scan on Wednesday, but the results of the hearing test were a little disappointing. Luke has lost some hearing. The highest frequency is gone. This should not affect his speech development or anything, but he has four more rounds to go, so we really need to cover him in prayer. It was kinda explained in such terms as, save his hearing or save his life. I believe the Lord can do both. The CT scan we had on Friday was a doozy. We get there super early and he has to drink a contrast. Then we sit for a couple hours. When we finally are taken back, they tell us they need to start an IV. I thought they could use his central line, but apparently the contrast they inject is not compatible with the line. I tell them right off that it is very hard to start an IV on him, send us someone good. Okay, so the lady they send clearly can't find a vein, but decides to stick him anyways. She sticks it in and pulls it out at least four times before saying, "I can't get it they will have to get someone else." My poor little guy is screaming and my blood pressure is sky rocketing. They take us to the recovery area where the nurses say they are "the best" at starting IV's. Happily I believe they are. It was extremely traumatic for Luke and then he had to lay still to get the scan. Luckily he was so drained from the IV fiasco he pulled his blankie over his face and just lay there. Six hours later we arrive home. I can hardly wait until our next CT scan. We will get the results of that scan on Wednesday as well. So Wednesday is the big day. It will be either more chemo or surgery. Surgery is going to be rough, but we think it is better to do it now if possible. Please keep us in your prayers.

Meanwhile, today we took a trip to Great Falls. A beautiful place only 18 miles from our house.
The weather was fine and Levi got to run around. There were lots of people kayaking down the falls. It was a hoot to watch. Luke enjoys being out in the fresh air. It's also safer for him to be outside than inside when his counts are low.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend. I will keep you all posted about the appointment on Wednesday. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
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