Friday, September 5, 2008

Chemotherapy Round 2

Well we got home from the hospital on Wednesday, but I was so exhausted that I did not update the blog. The chemotherapy days 1-3 went well. He received three different drugs in three days. This is usually the toughest time, because the drugs he received are strong. He has had less vomiting and no diarrhea. They let us come home on Wednesday although he has to be on IV fluids here at home. One more thing to add to my nursing skills. Ben is very good about putting the tubing in the IV pump. He's a natural. They are trying to prevent the dehydration he experienced last time. It takes a toll on his kidneys and bladder. We have gone a full 24 hours with no vomiting!!!! Last time he vomited about 4-5 times a day. This is an answered prayer. He still needs to be eating more though. He needs to be taking in at least 24 ounces of breast milk a day. Today he has had 12. Monday the Dr. will determine whether or not to put a feeding tube in. Please pray my boy will start eating again. He used to eat 32 ounces a day. My chunky monkey. He just needs to double what he is eating now. I know he can do it. He won't eat solids either. The texture I think. In the hospital I let him gum a shortbread cookie. He went to town on that cookie. Maybe that's the way to go :)
I'm sad to say that the little mans hair is starting to fall out. The back of his head had been rubbed away. He leaves little hairs wherever his head is. His lashes seem to be falling out as well. That's okay though because it will grow back and he's got good genes. Mommy and daddy have pretty thick hair. Levi is starting school on Monday, and very excited. Ben and I will be going to the Clinic on Monday for lots of blood work and a check-up and then again on Wednesday for Chemotherapy day 10, his Vincristine. Then he will have one more injection the following Wednesday (Day 17) and then a barrage of tests. They will do a CT scan, a kidney scan, a hearing test, liver function, and of course lots of blood work. Then the Dr's will determine whether we can go ahead with surgery or do more chemo. Of course I am not bypassing the believed course of action, a total and complete healing!!! We are standing on the promises of God, and we are not wavering!!! God is in control of Luke's life and this situation.
Thank you to our church family, our neighbors, and Peterites for bringing meals. It is a major blessing. We would all be surviving on PB&J sandwiches if not for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I will update again after out Monday appointment. Everyone enjoy your weekend!!!
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