Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Round 2-Chemotherapy Day 17

Today Luke had his last treatment in this round. We got to see the Dr. that specializes in liver cancers. We were very happy to finally talk with him. He took his time and explained a lot to us. He did give us some discouraging news, well discouraging to me anyways. We were under the impression that Luke would only have two more rounds of chemo after he has the surgery. He has to have a minimum of 6 rounds of chemo. It's the treatment protocol for this particular diagnosis, there is no way around it. I didn't know that. He has had two rounds, so he has to go through this four more times at least. I cried some today, but not for too long. The only other option now is a complete healing! Praise God!

At the Dr.'s Office

We have our tests and scans set up. Tomorrow (Thursday) we have a Nuclear Medicine kidney scan and then another hearing test. Friday is the CT scan. Next Wednesday the 24th we will go the the Dr. and review all the test results. From there we will either head over to the hospital to start chemotherapy round 3 or we will prepare for surgery. We would like for him to be able to have the surgery and then the follow-up 4 rounds of chemo. We will be fasting and praying for a good outcome from the CT scans. We want that tumor to be so small, if not completely gone, and far away from any major blood vessels.
We have really enjoyed all these days at home. Being in the hospital really makes you appreciate your own house. We are so happy that Luke has been doing so well. Levi still struggles with all the attention that we give Luke, but we do our best to make him feel very special and important.
Levi is so good with his baby brother.
Levi has his own special kissing spot. No one else can kiss Lukey there.

My sweet baby. He loves to play with his toys.

I will update again after his scans on Friday. If you can, please join us in prayer about the results of the CT scan. We are standing on the promises of God!

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