Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Waiting Game

I know I said I would update yesterday, but we had no new news. We went to the appointment yesterday with the expectation of finding out whether or not we would do surgery or chemo. We still don't know. Here is what we do know. The tumor has shrunk to half the size of what it was. Hooray! His kidney function test showed a decrease in function. Not so Hooray. His blood tests look good except his hemoglobin is still low. If it does not come up on its own, he will need another transfusion. The Dr. said to call her today at about 10:00am. We got off the phone with her a little bit ago. We still have no answer. She is getting multiple opinions on the ct scan from Radiologists and surgeons and other oncologists. The tumor has shrunk, but it is still pressing against a large artery (I can't remember what she called it). The surgeon that did his biopsy is looking at the scan today with some other surgeons to see if it can safely be removed. We will talk to the Dr. again tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Until then, we wait. I know she would like to get the tumor out. Due to the decreased kidney function and high frequency hearing loss, I think she does not want to go into more chemo right away. She also said we may be able to just do two rounds of chemo after's possible again. YAY! They are taking their time to be absolutely sure it can be removed without any harm to Luke.

These days at home are so great. Luke is eating great and it makes me feel like we have some normalcy. I know in the back of my head that things are about to change again. I got out all Luke's fall and winter clothes, which is code for Levi's hand-me-downs. I'm getting those washed and put away. I still have to shop for Levi's clothes. Let's see 5 pairs of jeans and a bunch of shirts and sweaters. Boys are pretty easy. Levi has been dressing himself, and I don't say anything when his shorts are on backwards because he feels like a big boy. seems like I've got diaper duty so I will let you all know what happens tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the Dr.'s, surgeons, radiologists, and everyone involved in making the decision for surgery. Thank you all so much.
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