Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chemotherapy Day 10-Round 2

Well once again I am behind in my updates. I have been so exhausted lately that I choose sleep instead. Imagine that. I take it when I can get it. Luke has gone back to his newborn sleep habits. We are constantly adjusting. On Monday we had a Dr's appointment to check his blood counts and talk about the feeding tube. His counts were excellent. I was told I could stop giving him the Neupogen shots at home, Praise God! There was no immediate need for a feeding tube, Praise God! It was just your average 4 hour Dr. appt. Today we went for his Chemotherapy day 10. He received an injection of Vincristine which went very well. They took him off the IV fluids, thank God! I was getting so tired of carrying around the pack with the pump and bag. The tubing was too long, we had to always be aware of where it was. The other night I went into Luke's room and he was wide awake in the crib just gumming away on his IV tube. I'm glad he does not need it any longer. Thank you to everyone praying for Luke's appetite, it's starting to pick up. Today he will only be a few ounces shy of our goal. He has done very well and only thrown up a few times. He continues to lose a little weight and the Dr. does not want that. As long as Luke does not run a fever, we don't have to return to the Dr. until next Wednesday for his last chemo in this round. The other night I was praying and reading the Word of God aloud. I was reading in the book of Acts when I just came to a scripture that I know God intended for me to read. Acts 3:16 "...It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see". Then I read Acts 4:10 "It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, ...that this man stands before you healed". I marked these down in my Bible. Healing confirmation. God is so good.
Levi started school on Monday. I was so sad that I could not be there to take him to school on his first day. My friend Moby took him. I asked her to get some pictures of him, but he was so excited he just would not be still for any pictures. He was so happy to start school and see all of his friends again. I signed Levi up at the SuperSibs site. It's an organization that supports siblings of children with cancer. What a great idea. They sent him a big envelope with his name on it. He got a ribbon, an arm band, and some temporary tattoos all telling him what a great big brother he his to Luke. He also got a magnet with all the emotions on it, so he can show us how he is feeling. It changes all the time. Sometimes he's sad, 1 minute later he's happy, then he's angry. The thing is, I know he is going through all these emotions and he doesn't really know how to deal with them. SuperSibs sends letters from other siblings and lots of information that is age appropriate. He loves feeling important and getting mail. He is pretty involved in what is going on too. He knows now to wash his hands and use anti-bacterial hand cleaner before touching Luke's hands and face. He loves to entertain his baby brother too. When the home health nurse came here to hook up the IV, Levi had lots of questions for him. He asked about the central line and what to do when the IV was empty. He's a very smart little guy. I guess we are all learning a lot.
In the car going to school

Levi in his new class

Playing with Moby
Thank you for all your prayers, phone calls, encouraging cards, and meals. Lets continue to claim that healing in Jesus name!
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