Friday, August 1, 2008

The Art of Wearing a Sari

What is a Sari? Six yards of elegance and luxury. They say that a sari is an outfit that reveals as much as it hides. Wearing a sari is an art which requires practice. "A perfectly draped sari makes personality but a clumsily draped sari can equally bring down the look of the sari and spoils the whole appearance of the woman". Hahaha isn't that true with any outfit that's put on clumsily?
I had the opportunity to wear a sari at our very good friends wedding last year in Kansas. Her parents brought it with them from India. It is the most beautiful material and I have to say I loved wearing it. You really do carry yourself differently while wearing one, and not just because the petticoat is too tight and the blouse is tight and revealing. There are three parts to the saree. A petticoat, usually the same color as the sari and reaching to the ankles, a blouse that must be made out of the same material as the sari (and may I say that the blouse is very small), and the sari (six yards of material draped and pleated).
Here I am in my sari (also saree). There are so many different ways to wear a sari. Most ladies wear them according to their state (In India the areas are separated into states). They are also draped according to where you will be wearing it..for instance the office or a party. Sri Lankans also have an entirely different way of draping the sari. On this particular day we draped the sari to cover all skin.
The bridal party. Levi found some new friends. He took off with the brides bouquet earlier. I have to show you a picture of Moby's wedding sari. She looked absolutely gorgeous.
Congratulations on your first year Moby and Rengas! She is an awesome cook. When Ben was traveling a lot and I was pregnant with Luke, she fed me all the time. I miss your Dosa and Biryani and chicken stew and everything else. The wedding was beautiful and I felt very honored to stand in as a sister on the grooms side. Oh and there was this very fine guy there too..check out this picture
I am always looking for an opportunity to wear my sari again. I wish I could get away with wearing one all the time. The sari draping instructional website says " a Saree properly draped transforms a woman to become graceful, stylish, elegant, and sensuous". Yeah I guess I could agree with that. I really liked the part where I just stood there and was dressed by the pros. I could get used to that.
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