Friday, July 25, 2008

Pizza, Pizza!

I like pizza! Yummy, that hot,cheesy goodness. Those Italians really knew what they were doing huh? I can't eat pizza a lot though, so when we have
pizza I want it to be good. Ben and I differ about our pizza likes and dislikes. He likes thin crust, I really dislike thin crust. The thicker the crust the better, I say. I don't go for cheese in the crust either, it just doesn't seem right. The first time we ordered pizza after we got married scarred me for life. I can't even remember the name of the place. It was very close to our apt. building and it later went out of business. I let Ben order since we were still in honeymoon bliss and he ordered something thin crust with jalapenos on it. I can't even remember the other toppings because of those disgusting jalapenos. I could not even pick them off because they were put on under the cheese. Well needless to say, I do the pizza ordering now. I'm a pretty traditional pizza person. I like a gourmet fancy pizza at times too, but give me pepperoni and black olives and I'm happy. My friends have expressed their feelings of my choice of the best pizza, but I don't care. I love Round Table Pizza!
Maybe it's just nostalgia, maybe it's the sauce. I don't know what it is, but I do know I think it's the BEST! The last time I had it was four years ago. I was pregnant with Levi and visiting my mom in Santa Rosa. Ohhh..I got terrible heart burn, but it was sooooo worth it. So why doesn't Round Table have restaurants anywhere but the West Coast, Asia, and Middle East. That seems strange doesn't it? Do they ship? Can someone overnight me a lovely pepperoni and black olive pizza? Now you are asking yourself why, why would someone choose Round Table Pizza when their are so many other places to choose from. Let's go back to my first experience with pizza. My parents were health food freaks. We ate things then, that I would never be able to choke down now. We used to go out for pizza, yeah it seems like a nice thing to do huh? Well my parents brought their own pizza toppings with them in little baggies. Pineapple, sunflower seeds, garden tomatoes and mushrooms, who knows what else flax seed and wheat germ probably. How embarrassing, and Yuck for kids. Later on, once I reached my high school years we started getting pizza from Round Table. This must be where the nostalgic feeling comes from. I moved away and stayed loyal to Round Table. I ordered their sandwiches too. They are also yummy good. I've tried gourmet, square pizzas, wood fired, calzones, homemade, take-n-bake, frozen, Chicago style, etc...and they are all fine and good but will never take the place of a pepperoni and black olive from Round Table Pizza.
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