Monday, August 18, 2008

Chemotherapy Day 10

Today we took Luke to The Children's clinic to get his second session of Vincristine. We were there for almost 5 hours. What a busy place that is. When the Dr. was examining Luke she said she thought he was dehydrated, so he had to get hooked up to receive some fluids before getting the chemo. They took us to the infusion part of the clinic. So many children there receiving chemotherapy, my heart broke. Luke did very well though. I held him the whole time and he just sat with me, very peaceful. All of his blood work came back good and they had to check his liver function before giving him the chemo, it was good.

After receiving the chemo, he had to get another hour of fluids. We live about 45 minutes (without traffic) from the clinic and Luke slept almost the whole way home. He is sleeping now and I pray he stays asleep for most of the night. Now is the time when his white blood cell count is going to start to really drop. Levi has a little cold and just wants to hug and touch his little brother. I try to get Levi to understand the situation, but he does not want to. I have a lot of guilt regarding my time spent with Levi. I know he will be fine it just breaks my heart. Well Luke is awake again, so I will say good night. Pray for sleep, peace and sleep.
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