Sunday, August 10, 2008

Update on Luke

As most of you know, last Tuesday I took Luke to his 6 month checkup. While getting his routine checkup, his pediatrician noticed a mass on his right side. We were immediately sent to the hospital to get some xrays and an ultrasound. I was concerned, but at the time we thought it might be his bowels or something swollen. The Radiologist came in the ultrasound room and said something that has changed our lives forever. He told us he thought Luke had a large tumor on his liver. We were then sent to Inova Fairfax Hospital. After a battery of tests and scans we received the news that Luke has a form of liver cancer called Hepatoblastoma. On Thursday he had a biopsy and a central line placed in his chest for chemotherapy. He has been having some complications due to the surgery, but is a strong little boy. We did find out that the cancer has not spread to any other tissues or the bones, it is only in the liver and we THANK GOD for that! Last night he started his first session of chemotherapy. It went well and we are believing that God will spare him from side effects. Tomorrow he receives two more chemotherapy drugs. This will go on for the next 12-16 weeks. We are praying that God reduces the tumor sooner than that. Ben and I can feel the strength of your prayers. Please continue to pray for Luke and also include Levi in your prayers, he has been without Mom and Dad and is not sure what is going on. We are just trying to go one day at a time. Thinking ahead too much is overwhelming. Please pray for strength for the day. Luke is in Gods hands, which are the best hands to be in. Things to pray for...Healing in Luke's body, wisdom to make the right decisions for the Dr.'s and nurses taking care of Luke, strength for our family, reduced time on chemotherapy, freedom from side effects of chemotherapy, comfort and strength for Levi and Ben and I. We are praising God through this storm and know we will come out of it stronger.
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