Monday, August 25, 2008

Chemotherapy Day 17

Well we got to come home on Sunday, which was wonderful. We went into the clinic today for Luke's treatment. He did very well and we had to stay for extra fluids. They really don't want him getting dehydrated because it also makes the nausea worse. The Dr. was examining his belly today and the words that came out of her mouth were"I can't feel it". She then said it was because he was crying and she could not get a good exam, but I held tight to those first words "I can't feel it". I also cannot feel it when I press in that general area. We know that it is shrinking because his AFP (alpha fetal protein) test was around 400,000 at diagnosis, and now it is 190,000. This means the tumor is shrinking. Praise God!!

Luke's WBC count is up and down, so he is getting daily shots of Neupogen. Guess who gets to give him the shots at home? You guessed it. ME! They inserted a very small catheter into his arm so I can stick the needle in and give him the shot without sticking him. There is no way I can stick my baby day after day with a needle. I feel like I'm in some kind of nursing crash course. God is revealing so much to me about myself.

On Thursday, we go back to the Dr. to check his WBC count and get a hearing test. The Cisplatin causes hearing loss, so they check them after each round of chemo. Luke will not lose his hearing!! If Luke's WBC count is up and climbing we will start round 2 next Monday. He will have to be in the hospital for it, and the Dr said that after a few weeks of it we can do another scan and see if we can't remove the tumor at that time! I believe it! That tumor is history!!!

We ask for your continued prayer for healing and to help Luke deal with the side effects of chemo and to strengthen him and our family. May the Lord bless you all for everything you have done for us.

At the Dr's office
In the hospital. Mommy kisses.

Uncle John and Uncle Dileep come to entertain and bring Indian food. Yum

His beautiful smile makes it easier for me to get through the day!
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