Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update on ER visit - rejection or chemo?

After getting some blood work and fluids at ER this morning, Lukey was transferred to the regular floor at GUH. There are many tests conducted to evaluate whether there's liver rejection due to lower prograf levels or the symptoms are due to chemotherapy. It is a very delicate and complicated analysis, and all the blood tests will be analyzed one last time tomorrow morning prior to conducting a liver biopsy, if required, to further evaluate the rejection.

Therefore, I like to ask your focus prayer for all the liver function numbers to come back trending downwards tomorrow morning, so that Dr Kauffman can call off the biopsy. Also, please pray for peace and strength for all of us. Special prayer for Jen, as she was not feeling well today after spending almost the entire day here at the hospital, with almost no sleep last night. Also please pray for our bundle of joy that will make the grand entrance in May/June, that God will shield the baby from the bumps of our journey.

As always, we believe that God is in control. We know that because when we cry out to Him, he gives us peace. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, we are blessed by your thoughtfulness and prayer.

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