Monday, January 26, 2009

Post Transplant Chemotherapy

Well today was Luke's last chemo for this round. He has 1 more round to go!!! YAY!! We are very excited to become a part of society again. I can't wait to talk to people who don't have a stethoscope around their neck. Today was a very long day. We arrived at the clinic at 9am and left the clinic at 4pm. He got his Vincristine, Cytogam, and Pentamadine. The Vincristine is the chemo..the other two protect him from various viruses while being immune suppressed. While we were at the clinic, Levi went to Sibling Support Day at the Cancer Ctr. in Fairfax. He had a great time. They gave him a doll with a central line in it, so he can give the baby medicine and change the dressing just like I do for Lukey. He was very excited about this and felt very important. Tonight when I gave Lukey his meds, Levi also gave his baby medicine. He did a really good job. I think we might have a Dr. on our hands!
Lukey is doing very well. His counts were good, so I don't have to give anymore shots...Thank God. They are going to keep a close eye on his hemoglobin...he may need a transfusion, but we are pretty used to that. Speaking of transfusions. I got an email from a friend in my Circle of Strength today. She was at Fairfax donating blood today and spoke of the need for donations. She said they are running in a serious shortage. All of you local readers please spread the word about donating blood, of course this is a good thing to do anywhere. I also cannot stress the need for organ donors. I would give you the numbers of people who die waiting for an organ, but lets keep this on an upbeat note. Being an organ donor can save a persons life...or several people. Lukey would not have made it without a liver. I did not actually know that until after the surgery. I didn't know his situation had become more serious as the tumor had spread up the vena cava. My brother is a HERO! His selfless act of love saved Lukey's life. Not everyone can be a living donor, but all donors are heroes!!!
Our goal is to get Lukey eating and drinking again on his own. He is eating little bits of food, but whenever I give him the cup to try, he throws it. I have every kind of sippy cup imaginable for him to try. They all sound the same when they hit the floor...hahaa. We will have to have more scans before starting the last round of chemo. Another kidney function scan and another hearing test. There won't be more CT scans until after the chemo is finished. Lukey is so strong. He has such a great attitude, always smiling. I've learned a lot from him. No matter what is happening to can always laugh and smile at the simple things...and a really soft blankie is quite the comfort.
I am twenty weeks pregnant this week. Next week I have an US in which I hope I can see what we are having. Lots going on. I feel like I am carrying this baby in my lower back. Uggg. Thank you all for checking in on our blog and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We are getting our second wind to finish this race! Love to you all. God bless.
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