Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beach Bound

Well we are headed to the beach. What's that? Why yes, it is the week before school, t-ball and golf starts. Well ya know, only a man would plan a vacation during one of the busiest weeks of my summer! I am determined to block out all the open houses and parent meetings I will be missing, and just enjoy my time lounging on the beach. Wait! Did I say lounging on the beach? Hahaa NO..I have been reading a novel where people actually get to do that, and I must have still been in the fantasy. I will be chasing 4 boys around, making sure two don't get sucked out into the ocean and cleaning sand out of places I didn't know existed, several times a day. If I can avoid a sunburn, I am doing good!

Ahhhh...the beach! My idea of a grand vacation is quite different. I'm more of a cabin in the woods kinda girl. If it's snowed in, that's even better. A fire, comfort food, and a good book are all very appealing to me. A very close friend of mine had recently introduced me to books by Grace Livingston Hill. I was instantly addicted! I have read all the ones that are free on Ibook and Kindle, and am now in withdrawls. If you have any kind of a romantic notion in you, you will love them. They are of course Christian as well, so they are clean :) I'm glad I got all that reading out of the way before heading to the beach..this way I'm not disappointed. The boys are all so excited to go to the beach that I can't help but be excited as well. It's about making memories together, and sharing moments. Besides, I like to go cold turkey on the first day of school anyways! It gives us all a little JOLT!
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