Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update on Chemo 6th Round

Each day at home is a blessing! We are grateful to be home these days. Lukey's last cycle of "bad medicine" is in progress. From cisplatin and vincristine, Lukey has been visibly sick. Poor guy has been throwing up quite a bit. Today we go for another dose of vincristine and the last chemo drug will be administered next Tuesday (24th). We ask our prayer partners to keep Lukey in your prayers this week. After next Tue, he will have series of tests prior to be called "in remission" and then we will go for follow ups bi-weekly/monthly/qtrly for 5 years until he will be officially named "healed." We know God has already touched him but we do not take anything for granted. We want to lift Lukey in prayer everyday. From other families that have taken this journey, we know this is a long road but we take comfort that God holds the future. Lukey's young life is a testimony of God's love, mercy, faithfulness, and miraculous healing.

Please pray for strength for Lukey to endure this last round of chemo. Also, please pray that this monster is forever gone from our lives. As always, we appreciate you rallying around our little trooper and we pray that your life will be blessed for your generosity.

It is with great sadness I read the story of Sarah, who passed away after a brave fight against HPB. Please pray for her family. We honor Sarah's life today.
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