Friday, February 6, 2009

Emergency Visit

With the end of the chemo round, we have been busy with all the tests i.e. kidney functions, hearing, etc. And with the follow up transplant appointments, this week is jammed pack with appointments. Today was one busy day. We started early and went for GFR to Children's Hospital in DC. It is a dreaded trip with traffic, parking, and wait! The test is over 3 hours and it takes a lot out of Lukey (and all of us!). Since Lukey's K was elevated yesterday, we had to take another set of labs to check his K. Anyway, after long day at Children's, we got a call from our Oncologist about today's labs and K was spiked from even yesterday to 6.2. She arranged us to be admitted to GUH Emergency. We had to crank up to overdrive. However, at GUH the labs showed Lukey's K was at 4.9, which is normal for Lukey. So, thank God we got to come home with about 3-hr Emergency visit.

Tomorrow Jen has a US at Loudoun Hospital. Big day!! We get to find out about our next miracle. Please pray with us that God's will be done and Jen's wish is fulfilled :) I'll let you know what her wish is after we find out tomorrow!

We have a hearing test tomorrow at Fairfax. And on Sat we will be admitted to Fairfax to start the final round of chemo.

We need your focus and urgent prayers for
  • Good AFP reading. Lukey's tumor marker had spiked the last week from 20 to 60. We need this to be under 20 to be at comfort that cancer is history.
  • No more side effects from chemo.
  • Lukey's mind at peace. God's touch.
  • Strength for Jen and me
  • Covering for Levi

Every time we asked prayer, someone prayed and we felt the power of God's touch. Please continue to pray for our journey. We are forever grateful for your prayers and support. Thanks for coming alongside this long windy road. We pray that you and your family be blessed for your love and faithfulness.


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