Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Home Stretch

This last round of chemo has been a doozy. Lukey has been so sick. I took him to the clinic on Thursday and they decided to admit him into the hospital. He had been vomiting and having serious diarrhea. His levels had dropped drastically in a matter of a day and he was neutropenic. So he had to stay 2 nights at the luxury accommodations of the Fairfax Hospital...haha. Ben stayed with him both nights to spare me the discomfort. They came home this morning and Lukey looks like he is feeling so much better. Tuesday will be his last chemo...FOREVER...In Jesus Name!!

My brother, Michael had to fly back here this week. He has been having so much pain and problems since the surgery. He went in to GUH and had a CT, an endoscopy and I think a barium swallow of some sort. They discovered that his liver has stuck to his stomach. At some point while it was healing it attached. Anyways...we're not sure what the next step is for him, but at least he knows why he hasn't been able to eat for the last 2 months.
Next week is chocked full of appts for Lukey and 1 for me. TWINS...I think I am in denial..still in shock...I have to look at the US picture to really believe it. Levi is very excited. He has been such a big helper to me with Lukey. The other day he wanted to rock Lukey in the chair like I rock him. I think he didn't realize Lukey weighs 25 lbs. I almost couldn't see Levi with Lukey on his lap.
My Big Boys

They are so cute together. Lukey spend most of the day on the floor in Levi's room playing. When he came from the hospital he was so excited to see Levi that I could barely hold onto him. We had some pictures taken at the clinic by Flashes of Hope. They take pictures of cancer patients and their families. They do a beautiful job. I was sooooo tired the day they were at the clinic. It was a pony tail day. I was like no way do I want to be in the pictures. They always have a professional make-up artist who donates her time to help the moms look their best. She just freshened me up a bit and actually made me look pretty awake and decent. Too bad they don't have someone who does hair HAHAA. They did a great job capturing Lukey. We will cherish these photos from the hardest time of our lives.
We ask for your continued prayers as we enter the last part of his chemo. His AFP needs to be low. All his scans need to be clear. And we pray for healing over the hearing loss. He will have an in depth study done in March to see exactly how much hearing has been lost. I pray that all goes well and he can have his central line removed in the next few months. I also ask for strength, strength for all of us. We will all rejoice together very soon....Thank God for that!
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