Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A New School Year!

Well, it's about that time again. To make it a little more difficult this year, they decided to do away with preschool at Belmont Station and move the twins to Newton Lee. Now I can get Luke on the bus at 6:55 am to Frances Hazel Reid, then Levi at 7:24 to Belmont Station and then drive the twins to Newton Lee by 7:50. Should be exciting!! I have been in the process of rearranging the 2nd floor and thought I would be finished by now..I'm not. I moved the office to my room (condensed version), moved Levi into the office (needed his own space, Lukey free), moving Lukey into the twins room, and moving the twins into the big room in big boy beds. I have to still make the transition for the twins and pad the foot and headboards on their beds. They make me very nervous with all their bouncing around. They have really bad balance and coordination, so when you put that jumping on a bed, you usually end up with a split lip or goose egg:( I was thankful that Aunty Sarah got to come for a visit this summer and spend some time with the boys. We were able to sneak away to the Outer Banks and relax...relax? that even possible?

We made some fabulous memories with our boys and that's what is important. We went to the NC Aquarium and they just loved it. I made a trip out to California with Levi, which landed us in Minnesota and 3 days on a Greyhound back to Virginia, but that is it's own post. I cherish these days, even though they drive me crazy some days..I am sad when they are all gone at school...until they get home and then I'm like..what was I sad about again? I LOVE MY BOYS!!!! They are gifts to me, God saw something in Ben and I, and trusted them in our care. I will be a little weepy on the first day of school, but I think a lot of moms are :) It's part of what makes us moms.

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