Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Updates

We are still awaiting the arrival of the twins. 37 weeks and still gooooooing. My ability to get around has seriously deteriorated. I should not be driving...but I still am. My mom will fly in tomorrow which will give me some comfort...first time she will actually make it in time for the birth, unless I go into labor before 6 pm tomorrow...which I would welcome. At the last US the babies were measuring 6lbs 10oz and 6lbs 6 oz. I feel every one of those ounces.
My very talented friend Amanda took my belly pics. She did a fabulous job.

Lukey's last AFP result was an amazing 4!!!! They took another one recently and we should get the result at his next appt on the 3rd. If it stays the same we can look into getting his central line out. They also want to do another CT scan soon as a follow-up. He is doing so well though. We still have issues with his drinking, but I finally found a cup that he likes and he is up to about 12 oz a day from a cup. Maybe I should just start feeding him dry, salty foods :) He is only on the feeding tube at night now and we just run water with baking soda. He is off the special formula because he is taking in enough calories from food. The baking soda has something to do with his kidneys, which they are keeping a close eye on. The chemo and his current meds are very harsh on the kidneys, so they hope they will recover on their own. That's why his fluid intake it so vitally important. He is crawling and cruising now. I hope he starts walking soon. He is so cute with is spiky hair. It's growing back in...straight up in the air..hahaa. Overall his health is very good and he is a happy boy. We moved him in with Levi, so we could give the twins his room. So far it has worked out well. However, the other night neither of them wanted to go to sleep and I walked in there and Levi was whispering something to Lukey and Lukey was sitting up in his crib giggling. It was actually a precious sight....brothers.

Levi is about to graduate from Pre-K. I am sad that I will miss it. He graduates on his birthday June 5th. Tonight is his open house at his new "BIG" school. Ben will take him and the staff takes them for a tour and a show in the gym and then snacks, and a bus ride around the neighborhood to get them used to riding. I am sad to miss this also. He is getting so big before my eyes. I was worried how he would feel about having to share his room with Lukey, but he seems to like it. For the most part he is very protective of Lukey, but sometimes a little jealous. Lukey loves to hang over the tub while Levi is taking a bath and throw things in. He laughs and laughs. I can't wait until he can get in the bath and splash around too. Hopefully he'll get his line out soon and his ng tube.

Well the longer I sit here the bigger my feet get. Ginormous, as Levi says. I will update this with baby pictures soon!!! My c section is scheduled for June 2nd unless the Lord has mercy on me and I go in sooner. Please Lord...mercy.
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