Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Season

Well everything has been going good here at the Fernando house. Lukey is doing well. We are still working on the drinking, but he has started cruising along the furniture and just being adorable! His personality is definitely coming out...he loves to imitate big brother Levi, which is not always good. We will find out his AFP result on Wednesday and I think a lot of decisions will be made from there. We pray it all goes well and it has come down. I also go for another US on Wednesday. I hope they are over 5 lbs now and I can stop worrying and let them come any time. I really do want them out...I just don't know what to do after that :) I can barely walk and breathe...and sleep...forget it. I had a wonderful baby shower from the ladies in our church. It was so nice and I just felt so overwhelmed by it all. We had a great time...and I ate lots of cake.
Chelsea enjoying the sun
I was waiting for this tree to me it means a new season in our lives.

Today when I went to pick Levi up from school, there was a big double stroller with bows on it and all the kids and their moms were waiting next to it. I almost lost it, but managed to just get watery...these hormones have me so confused. It was so thoughtful and wonderful...again I was overwhelmed! So many have given us items that we might need. We received the cribs, swings, bouncers, clothes, and so many beautiful gifts for the boys. We are blessed indeed!!

My little guys

This weekend will come the rearranging of the house. The twins will take Lukey's room so, where to put Lukey. I want him in with Levi, but with the feeding pump and all the times I go in at night I'm afraid it might wake Levi. Ben wants to move the office and put him in here...I just don't know.
The Fernando House
We are planning on banking the twins cord blood, and the wonderful news is that they are going to do it for free. Through the Sibling Connection, because of Lukey's diagnosis we qualify for it. I think I would have done it anyways, but this is just the best news. I'll continue to keep you updated on the twins status now too. Let's see...Levi is doing great. He really loves to ride his bike and play with the neighbors. I am reading a very good book called "Wild Things...The Art of Nurturing Boys". It is an excellent book if you have boys. It has opened my eyes to why Levi does some of the things he does. He is normal after all :)
Ben's aunt pushing Lukey and Levi riding alongside.

I think we are all about to enter a new part of this journey. I feel like we walked through the valley of the shadow of death, through the hills and valleys and now we headed for something new. Life with twins...four boys...maybe we are headed back to that dark valley...just kidding. We are very excited and look forward to the future and all it holds for us. If we survive the first year...we are doing gooooood!
The Belly
I will update again after we find out about Lukey's AFP. I just know it's all going to be alright. He sees the feeding team at Children's in DC this month, so hopefully we can resolve this drinking issue and get him off the feeding tube. He is five months out from transplant tomorrow..HOORAY!! God has been so good.
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