Thursday, March 19, 2009

Updates and Follow-ups

I know it's been awhile since I've updated. I've been in a bit of a funk. I think it's the pregnancy hormones, and exhaustion. Those two combined are the makings of one mean mama...hahaaa. No really. We have been busy with all of Lukeys follow-up appts. He still has to have his CT scans next Tuesday.

Here's a Praise Report! He had his hearing tests on Tuesday. He had to be sedated so they could get a real accurate reading. The Audiologist who has been doing them since day 1 was a little perplexed. She told us "well I can't give you an explanation, but his hearing is better now than it was before." Before they told us he had lost all his high frequency hearing. Now there is just a very mild loss in the highest frequency. God is so good and so faithful.

I had an ECHO done on the twins yesterday. They wanted to check their hearts because of the things I was exposed to before I knew I was pregnant. Everything looks just fine. They are moving around A LOT! Sometimes they take my breath away when they both get to going in there. Tasks are definitely getting more difficult...and my legs are starting to look like a Rand McNally map. Oh the joys of pregnancy. Ben has ordered a multitude of books about having multiples and raising twins and raising all all I need is time to read them :0)

Last night we took Levi to the circus at the Verizon Center in D.C. We were given the tickets by Special Love, which is an organization that does camps and things for pediatric cancer patients and their siblings. It was a great night. We got there for the pre-show at 6...which was a little loud and busy for me...I was starting to feel I had to step out of the arena and away. For the kids it was awesome...they got to be down on the floor with the clowns and performers and everything. It was a show like I have never seen before. I remember going to the circus as a kid and it was in an actual tent. There were clowns and a few animals and performers, but this was like a Vegas show for kids. Originally we were going to take Lukey, but it's a good thing we did not. We left home at 4 in the afternoon and returned at 11 at night. He would not have liked it, so Levi was able to take his little friend Zoey (who he always calls Zoby). They were so cute...they had a good time, but were extremely tired towards the end. I think we all ate too many hot dogs and pop corn...well at least I did.

Zoey and Levi

Ben wearing his favorite hat

Levi was not so thrilled to be trying on costumes.

Down on the arena floor watching some acts.

Levi and his sword.

It was really great to be able to take Levi out where he feels like he's special. He loves his baby brother, but feels jealous sometimes that Lukey gets so much attention. He really enjoyed being out with mommy and daddy. Even though it was past my bedtime and my feet were starting to swell inside my shoes, it was fun. We are so thankful to have no appts until Monday. A nice break. I asked his oncologist when he can get his central line out and she said if his scans all come back clear and his AFP goes down and stays down then he will get it out. He just had another AFP drawn on Tuesday..please pray with us that the results are low..under 10. I'll let you all know how his CT scan goes. Thanks for sticking by us and holding our family up in prayer. Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

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