Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of Summer Update

After a month of no update...I have much to say. My computer crashed and had to be sent back to HP for I have a valid excuse. The boys have been enjoying the summer. I never updated after Lukey's alarming ride to Georgetown in an ambulance and week long stay which included removing the central line from his chest. He had an E-coli infection in his line and he was a very sick little boy. He recovered quickly, like the champ he is and has thoroughly enjoyed being able to take baths and swim in the pool. Levi and Lukey have spent lots of hours at the pool playing in the water and having a great time. It's been nice for me too, to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air. Sarah, my sister-in-law, has been my constant companion at the pool. The babies have been growing and growing. They are doing really well. They eat together, sleep together (most of the time), and cry together (not fun). Yes, when one crys..the other starts and then that's when I also want to cry! Two babies crying in tandem with another one hanging on your leg wanting to be held can send you into a tail spin. Luckily we have help. Sarah has been with us for more than two months and will be here one more month. My in-laws were here for a month and now another one of Ben's aunts will be coming from Sri Lanka for 6 months! I would have gone insane if it had not been for all the help.
The babies are getting so big and they are so cute. A few members of the family...I won't mention any names...still can't tell them apart. I think they look very different, but I have to admit at first glance I have even called them by the wrong name, but I have never put them in the wrong cribs...hahaaa you know who you are!! Levi and Lukey have grown very close. Lukey will do whatever Levi is doing. Cardboard boxes from Costco are the best gifts that they could ever get. They quickly become trains, cars, houses, and here a space shuttle. Levi let Lukey be the co-captain on this space shuttle Discoverer. Sometimes they fight...actually a lot. Lukey is a tough little guy, but Levi forgets that he is little sometimes. They are still the best of friends. We took them to the Luray Caverns a few weeks ago. It was a truly amazing place. Levi really enjoyed the listening tour and learned a lot. Ben had to carry Lukey around most of the time which included the 70 stairs up and down with the elevators under ground :) We left the babies at home that day and had a picnic lunch outside before Levi and Ben headed into the garden maze. It was nice to get out and away after being inside with baby duty all the time. I think we were all approaching burn out and needed a day out. Other than going to the pool and the library, our summer was spent tending to babies. Ben and I did get a lot of Friday night date nights this summer. We went out to eat, saw some chick flicks, and went to the opera. We found that we were so tired when we went out it was difficult to stay awake! Hopefully next summer we will be able to take some more trips, maybe to the beach. I think we will need a travel buddy for a while. Lukey is not used to traveling in the car for a long period of time and really dislikes being in his seat that long. He lets everyone know he is upset about it too! It can make for a very long ride. Speaking of Lukey...he had more follow-up scans and hearing tests done. His hearing has stayed the same...thank God...his CT scan came back clear...thank GOD...and his blood tests all looked good. The only thing that is still needing some attention is his kidneys. He had another GFR scan and the result was even lower than the last ones. It is still in the normal range, but trending down. It means his kidney function is still not back to normal...due to the chemo and the Prograf he takes twice a day. He still has the ng tube as well. Next Monday we go to Georgetown for his appt and we will see what they think about it. Meanwhile....Levi started school!! His first day of Kindergarten was Tuesday. We walked him to the bus stop in the morning, which is a block down from the house. He gets dropped off at our driveway!! So nice...I hear the bus coming and I step out the door to get him.

Walking to the bus stop with mommy, daddy, and Lukey

Waiting for the bus

Getting off the bus at home!

Levi and Jacob

It was so sad to see my little guy get on the bus by himself and leave me standing there on the corner watching him go. I just pray a covering over him. It seems just yesterday I was having sleepless nights with him. I have three more to send off to school one day...sigh...

Last, but not least we are doing a walk in DC for CureSearch, an organization for pediatric cancer research. We have formed a team called "More Than Conquerors". I will be posting a link on this blog and again on my Facebook. If you want to join our team, you can do so on the site or join by doing a virtual walk. Any money raised is going for helping all the children like Lukey. I'll post more info in the next few days. Now my hands are tired and Levi is hounding me to use my computer...I can't take it anymore :) Thanks for sticking with me during my times of no updates. Happy Autumn to all!!

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