Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lukey says Farewell to his favorite Dr.

Dr. Weil, Benjamin (her son), and Lukey
A very fond farewell to Dr. Weil. Lukey's oncologist is leaving Children's and heading to NIH. We are going to miss her. On August 5, 2008, we were told Lukey had a tumor in his liver. Dr. Weil was the Dr that met us when we first showed up at the hospital in a state of shock and fear. I am totally choking up as I write is hard going back and remembering. She has been Lukey's primary oncologist since day 1. Dr. Weil always made herself available to answer our many thousands of questions no matter the time or day. Though she is leaving Children's...she will never be able to get away from us :) We know her cell phone number...hahahaa. We are definitely going to miss her, but intend on keeping her updated on Lukey's progress. We are just waiting for the AFP to come back to see if the line can be removed. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far...I hope to get out to enjoy it somewhat this year.

Dr. Weil and Lukey

Lukey walking!!! He is so proud of himself

Lukey loves the babies...loves to poke them in the eyes.

Who's that? He looks like me!

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